A new approach to issuer sponsored research

A new voice in investment research.

MiFID II has changed the way investment research is distributed. Traditional research paid for by trading commission no longer exists. Independent research paid for by fund managers can only be distributed to those fund managers and this limits the audience it can reach. However issuer sponsored research can reach every institution and indeed must be made available to them. The trick is to give investors something of value even when they get it for free.

With over 27 years of investment research experience, we have experience covering large and small companies on the main list, on AIM and on a number of European exchanges. We have also provided research to assist with private fundraisings for unlisted companies. Our research aims to add value to the investor’s decision making process and to give them a full understanding of the companies we cover.

New energy and clean technology

A new energy company providing new energy research.

At the small and mid cap end of the market most research is provided by generalist houses covering a wide range of sectors. We are a specialist house specialising in new energy and clean technology. We offer research, equity marketing and corporate finance advice from specialists in this field. While we may look to add other sectors our approach will always be one of depth rather than width.

Our initial offering is in New Energy and Clean Technology. Adam Forsyth has covered energy companies since 1991 both on the buy and sell side. He has been top ranked in the Starmine and Extel Industry Awards and is a member of the CFA UK Energy Finance Special Interest Group leadership team.