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Longspur Research About Longspur Capital

Longspur Research is a new venture of Longspur Capital. It brings together highly experienced analysts and corporate financiers in the new energy, power and clean technology sectors to form an in-depth investment and corporate research service.  A combined experience of over 100 years goes back to the early 1990’s when the UK electricity industry had just been privatised.

Longspur Capital was formed in March 2018 when two highly successful investment teams merged their portfolios as part of a $250 million transaction.  The teams commenced developing and investing into energy projects in 2010 and by 2017 had built the largest portfolio of Feed-In Tariff wind energy projects in the UK.  In addition, the teams have successfully completed over 100 renewable energy transactions investing a further $275 million into assets including Solar PV, Biomass, Gas-to-Grid, Hydro and Battery storage projects in the UK and overseas.

The company is registered in England (company number 11011596).